What Is Starward?

Starward is a free website designed to help people. It is designed to display information all in one place about crime (so far) in your local are, all in one place. That way, people can know what they are at risk of, and help them judge whether or not they need protection/home security. STARWARD lists the crime stats of 6/13 Houston police divisions. I made this site to help people.

Future Roles

Right now, we only display crime information about Houston and the areas inside it, but we plan to display more information all in one place. Maybe the storms that hit Houston in the last 50 years, or so. That would help people know whether or not they should be prepared for such an event.

About The Dev

The developer of this website is a 6th grade boy, that lives in Houston, TX, working on a project designed to help people. Big thanks to my dad, who got the domain and all that stuff. Wouldn't have been able to do that without you, dad.

Contact And Support

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